Pre Operative Accommodation

After the easing of lockdown measures in the community, plans are being put in place to protect hospitals as they begin to tackle the elective backlog.

One of the key measures is a mandatory 14 day isolation period for patients who are planned for admission to hospital to undergo inpatient treatment. This is most applicable to surgery. These patients will need to be isolated from their families and the community, in a facility.

At Process C19 we set up the ideal network of national hotels (over 550) which are able to accommodate this cohort. The benefits of comfortable, well staffed, catered accommodation are obvious. The majority of patients will be low dependency and self caring making the provision minimally different to the normal hotel day to day. But we have pathways to deal with, cleaning, PPE, food delivery and other issues of isolation.

This policy is likely to affect 700,000 patients; the network and pathways created by Process C19 means we are perfectly placed to rapidly support.