Hotel Solutions

These models for the hotel industry have been thoroughly, purposefully and painstakingly developed in consultation with national experts across all domains in order to provide safe, risk averse and, importantly, patient-centred solutions in the short, medium and long term. They are ready to be deployed across the country as and when required.

That Care

‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ Sites

The NHS carries out around 2million elective operations per quarter and the COVID pandemic has put this figure under enormous strain.

The service infrastructure to support delivery of this clinical and care capacity at scale for the NHS and care system is to be provided by leading national and regional hotel groups Best Western and London Hotel Group. These hotels are equipped to provide adaptable sites and will work with hospital Trusts and other providers to develop appropriate clinical and care arrangements for each site, including in respect of cleansing and infection control, patient monitoring, provision of dietary services and food, clinical waste management, medication support and admission and discharge arrangements.

“Cold” sites are able to utilise and shield vulnerable staff. Patients can be cared for in a relatively protected environment. Hotels provide an environment where outpatient services and diagnostics are carried out in an environment that is geographically separate from the main hospital site.

We are working to support partnership models between acute hospital Trusts and the hotel industry, to facilitate the development of “cold” sites that can be used by a single Trust, or models where hub facilities may be shared between Trusts.

Hospital activities that can be moved to cold sites are listed in table below. Many of these activities can be undertaken in a hotel environment with relatively limited need to make structural changes.

General Outpatient services



Occupational therapy

Speech and language therapy




MRI and CT – with mobile parked scanners

Outpatient phlebotomy services




Minor procedures

Administration of IV medication


Pre-operative assessment

Pre-operative patient isolation

Elements of post-operative care

Care Home

Care homes have been disproportionately affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic leading to the highest death rates in this sector for 20 years.

Care home staff have come under immense pressure during this crisis. When one resident becomes infected all residents must isolate. Residents, often with multiple co-morbidities, will all suffer an impact to their general care and their psychological wellbeing. Staff in these environments have  expressed great anxiety for their own safety and for the safety of the residents.

We propose offering an  opportunity to move infected residents to environments where expertise and resources can be concentrated. Hotels can be used as hubs, concentrating resources, providing facilities for all care homes in a certain geographical area.  Knowledgeable and experienced staff, equipped with the right PPE and equipment and supported by appropriate clinical expertise can be used to deliver a high quality of care.

We utilise point of care diagnostics with an available clinical review team to ensure appropriate escalation of treatment based on agreed pathways. Using innovative IT solutions means that patient  communication with staff and relatives can be improved.

We propose that point of care diagnostics are combined with clinical review to ensure appropriate escalation of treatment based on agreed pathways.

Recovery And Rehabilitation

As post COVID patients are being discharged from hospital, it is becoming abundantly clear that as many as 50% will not be able to go directly home. This number is significantly higher in those admitted to ITU, especially on longer term ventilation. Estimates suggest that 2.8% of muscle mass is lost per day on ITU on ventilation, this on top of the high incidence of ischaemic events, myositis and post ITU delirium means that there will be a large group who require ongoing rehabilitation support.

Using hotels, we can provide a hub of excellence. By contributing to the national rehabilitation guidelines; our protocols and regimes are evidence based, holistic and truly at the pinnacle of rehab offerings.

Hotels provide a perfect environment with comfortable accommodation, spaces for key equipment and clinical areas but separate from the hospital environments which need to maintain patient flow.


These groups are often vulnerable for various reasons.

We do not provide accommodation mixing cohorts.


For a myriad of reasons many key-workers require overnight accommodation; whether this is in order to shield members of their family or due to transport restrictions. We are providing safe, comfortable and convenient accommodation.

Domestic Abuse

As pressures mount on homes and families the already grave scourge of domestic abuse has worsened. The numbers are stark; with domestic abuse calls up 25% during this period and this not thought to accurately reflect the rise in cases.

Homeless and Rough Sleepers

It has been widely reported on the strain that the Coronavirus crisis has placed on the homeless and rough sleepers in the UK. Many in the gig economy are now also finding themselves in this position. National charities such as The Big Issue are trying desperately to support their workers to find them accommodation and provide a substitute for their lost income. Hotels are able to provide accommodation to these groups when carried out appropriately and safely.