Clinically Led Services

The organisation has assembled a team of clinical and care specialists (including leading NHS and private practitioners) to provide the right support for the range of differing patient cohorts which trusts are required to manage.

The clinical and care offer as well as providing for General Outpatient Care can address the requirements of pre-operative patients, Post-op follow up, Diagnostics (including MRI, CT, Ultrasound) work-up for surgery and those needing the pre-habilitation or reablement services which are vital to appropriate placements for older people.

The offer provides the advantages of an off-site location, away from the acute setting in a non C19 environment. All services in once place including access to One Stop model for diagnostics and care can be provided closer to home and potentially within the GP co-locality.

By providing this additional capacity in hospitals currently occupied by low acuity patients and care homes which may require additional beds to fight Covid outbreaks space can then be made available to address pressing clinical and care needs.